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Bodhi Harrison


Bodhi Harrison has been in the Onewheel spotlight since winning the first ever FloatLife Fest in Raleigh, North Carolina back in 2017. Ever since then the rest of the competition has been trying to catch up to him. Well known for his love of the color of pink, he is easily identifiable at events and competitions. Bodhi lives in Boulder, Colorado and comes from multiple boardsport backgrounds like skateboarding, snowboarding, and stand-up paddle. In addtion, his agility and sense of balance make him graceful to watch. He has pushed the limits on Onewheel so much so that Future Motion has sponsored and featured him in multiple campaigns. Apart from this he is also a member of the Flux Mvmnt team. His passions not only include Onewheel, stand up paddle boarding, and snowboarding but also has a strong passion for photograph. 

In Bodhi's Own Words

“Since before I could think, my old man was pushing me around on a skateboard and slapping me in-between his feet down the mountain. Board sports have been my deepest passion and continue to drive me, teach me, push me out of my comfort zone and make me the person I am today.

It all began with a Film Photography class my senior year of high school. I became infatuated with the process of creating an image. This rolled into the skate videos I goofed around with, fast forward 4 years and here we are! With every frame I get more in touch with the process.

Companionship and community is huge for me, I love people and I love loving people! I’ve heard its impossible to have a bad time with me ;)”

Above all, Bodhi’s faith in Jesus Christ is very important to him. Unquestionably he has his priorities in place and we know he will continue to be a powerful force to reckon with for years to come!



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