Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Photo Credit: Adam Hilliker

Kyle Taylor is the West Coast Land Pirate

In our most recent interview we had the opportunity to speak with Kyle Taylor, part of The Float Life Team. We have had the pleasure to interview many exceptional people in the Onewheel community and this one is one of our favorites so far!

Kyle is 33 years old and lives in Vancouver Island. He grew up skateboarding as a kid hitting the skate park everyday and loves camping, so he thought the Onewheel would be a great toy to explore Vancouver’s trail systems with. His style is a mix of trail and street riding. He is known for his insane noseslides and carries a beard along with long dreadlocks which gives him his unique style.

One of the first questions I asked him was:


Kyle: Awe man, I was not good when I first hopped on one. It was Father’s day and I took my dad into Victoria because it was a “car-free day” where they blocked off the streets, no cars allowed. There was a booth with a couple of Onewheels and they were letting people try it.

My dad was responsible for getting me into skateboarding as a kid and actually was the one who pointed it out. He said you have to go try one of those!

So I said sure, I’ll hop on that for you. My mom actually took  a picture which is on my Instagram of me holding a guy’s hand with my knees shaking, and he’s telling me I’m a natural (laughing). But I was shaky at the start, I really was! 

Hear the full interview with the West Coast Land Pirate

"I was a late bloomer, it was a full year in before I started doing tricks. Take it slow and take it easy, I think thats good advice."
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor
TFL Team Rider
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Isaac Kosloskey

Isaac Kosloskey

Isaac Kosloskey - Float Life Pro Team

We recently had the opportunity to interview Isaac Kosloskey, one of the top Onewheel riders and a member of the Float Life Pro Team. He was born and lives in Montana with his family and siblings. We first met Isaac back at FloatLifeFest 2 in North Carolina, where his riding ability and skill set impressed the community veterans throughout the weekend. He has been riding for several years and consistently practices some of the hardest tricks on Onewheel.

Onewheel.Pro recently sat down with him for an interview to learn more about his Onewheel journey.

OWP: Your Instagram account shows you doing a lot of difficult tricks. How much time do you spend practicing?

Isaac: So, I actually don’t spend a whole lot of time riding because of my schedule and the summer is my busiest time. But when I do go out there and want to learn a new trick, I’ll either be out there until my board dies, I tweak an ankle, injure myself, or until I land it!

OWP: Do you think female Onewheel riders are increasing their visibility and creating leadership roles for other females in the community? 

Isaac: I definitely think they are. People like Racheal, Raequel, and Ally are pushing the sport and seeing them progress is really cool to watch. By being dedicated to the sport and pushing themselves they have definitely created leadership roles.

Please click on the Soundcloud link above to listen to the full interview. 

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Instructional Videos

Isaac is here to show you how to do the trick he invented called the Toe Spin or 360 Toe Spin to be exact. It’s a fun and somewhat simple one that’s really fun to do and throw down at group rides to get everyone stoked! 

(Video – Courtesy of TFL) 

OWP: What's the best advice you can give new riders?

"The biggest thing for new riders to do is...RESPECT THE BOARD!"
Isaac Kosloskey
Isaac Kosloskey
Float Life Pro Team Member
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Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson
Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

We wanted to start 2021 on the right foot and get one of the biggest names in the community to share his experience. Onewheel veteran Chris Richardson has been riding for over four years and is one of the best riders out there. His riding style is very technical and he is always willing to take time to help teach others.

Onewheel.Pro recently sat down with him for an interview so the community could learn from his experience.

OWP: Chris, describe your style of riding and the types of tricks you like to do.

Chris: I like off road trails, but most of what I do is trick riding. I really enjoy the mental and physical challenge of figuring out ways to make the board do things that are fun.

We recently interviewed Onewheel veteran Chris Richardson after his shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago. Please click on the Soundcloud link above to listen to the full interview. 

Instructional Videos

One of the things Chris started doing a couple of years ago was he started putting out instructional videos. He began creating videos to help new riders learn the in’s and out’s of riding safely. Not only does he make instructional videos for beginners, but he also creates advanced content for riders wanting to learn more advanced tricks.

Chris also started highlighting and talking about aftermarket modifications for Onewheel by the vendors in the community. This has led him to be able to gain sponsors and create more content for his followers on YouTube and Instagram. 

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OWP: How do you see the sport of Onewheel evolving in the years to come?

"I think we're going to see people go higher and farther in their jumps & bonks"
Chris Richardson
Veteran Onewheel Rider
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Jaime Juchter

Jamie Juchter
Jaime Juchter

Jaime Juchter is a Onewheel Jungle Speed Demon!

I recently had the chance to sit down with an interview Jaime Juchter. On Instagram his handle is Onewheel Jungle. Jaime is the 2019 Race for the Rail Clydesdale Champion. This year he was choosen as a wildcard for 2020 Race for the Rail in Utah. Jaime’s videos are full of amazing trail riding, great video content, and fast speed. He likes to film himself, friends, and his fellow Flux Mvmnt crew around Los Angeles every week.

 OWP: Congratulations on as a wildcard for RFTR 2020 Jaime! This year’s lineup for RFTR 2020 was one of the deepest fields we have seen with very experienced riders. Can you tell us what those trails were like and the challenges it posed to the riders?

Jaime: Thank you! Bruh, those trails were chunky and steep!  In the first challenge when they dropped us at the top and we rode to the bottom was definitely the most difficult. There were moments where we had to navigate sliding down rocks. Having teams were great and the challenges were fun, Future Motion did a good job. It may have not looked like gnarly terrain on the screen, but it was definitely challenging! It was no walk in the park… (laughing) 

OWP: What was your mindset going into round 2? You had to face Dave and Bodhi, can you walk us through the race and what that was like?

2020 Race for The Rail

Jaime: Go fast and don’t fall!  It took me a second or two longer then the boys to switch from snowboard stance to forward. This is why I started in the back each time.
The first section was rocky and had a few whoops and you had to go fast out of the gate. Next, there was a sharp left turn you had to slow down for. Afterwards, the trail immediately went down into even a gnarlier rock section. 
Many of the riders crashed there. Then after that, the trail was fire road but only one line on the right that you had to take to keep your speed up. If you went to the left the chunky rock it would have slowed you down. 
After that, there was a flat smooth section where you had to put the peddle to the metal. Although, that then sent you into even more rocks where many people ate it.
Then you had to slow for the Bermuda triangle. After that, it was an S curve then Squirrel Pig Straights. That’s where all the passing took place. Then you head downhill into the sharp right turn.
If you messed up there you were out so that’s why everyone took their time on that one. Then the single track with the grass. You couldn’t see it but there was 1 to a 2-inch lip on each side of that single track.
It was the best place to be to keep up speed but could be dangerous as it took out Bodhi and few others. The grass was not exactly smooth but you could work through it then we all know pavement.
All I knew was I had to give it my all and I did. Those guys are fast af!
"The onewheel loving family is what the Esk8 and EUC community calls us. That rings true and always will in the future :)"
Jaime Juchter aka OnewheelJungle
2019 RFTR Clydesdale Champion
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Kyle Hanson & AJ Balanza are Wheelfunstuff

We recently had a chance to sit down with Kyle Hanson and AJ Balanza of Wheelfunstuff! This team is made up of AJ, the videographer, and Kyle, the rider. They have been good friends for several years and have been blowing up the Onewheel scene with incredible content. Their Instagram already has over 6,000 followers and they are just getting started. 

Onewheel.Pro recently had the chance to interview them and understand how they put together such amazing content for the community. One of my first questions directed at them was:


Kyle: (Laughing) That’s such a good question because it depends what I’m doing. If I’m doing a banger I’m not thinking about anything I’m just going for it! But if I’m cruising the streets I just feel free and like I’m flying just floating around light like the way to live life. 

AJ: You know most of the time I’m just sitting there watching because he’s so fucking crazy I never know what he’s thinking. But other times I’ll see something and I’ll be like “Yo Kyle, can you hit this”? And sometimes he won’t hear me and he’ll just do it. Then other times he’ll hear me and say you’re a fucking idiot, no, no one can do that. Then he’ll do it anyways. 

"You guys were relatively new to the community when you went to FloatLife Fest 3. Can you share what being at that event was like for both of you? What did you guys walk away with after attending that event?"

Kyle: Dude, FloatLife Fest was Amaaaaazing! Anybody with a Onewheel should go to it, I can’t even explain how great it is! Everyone is there and everyone is different and riding Onewheel, so we all have this thing in common that we all get and understand. We don’t have to explain how much we love Onewheel because everyone there is having the same stoke level, it’s so sick! 

AJ: I love FloatLife Fest! It’s crazy because you picked me up from the airport super late on Friday night, so all I really had to experience was all day Saturday. What blows my mind is I did minimal riding, all I ever did was ride from location to location to see what was going on. But the techniques I learned and watching the people I met instantly made me a better rider overnight! 

"I would say without FloatLife Fest I would not be the rider I am today"
Videographer for Wheelfunstuff
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Stay.Pro Fam!


Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson: Canada’s Curb Killer

 Sean Nelson has been a part of the Onewheel community for about three years now. He is known for his solid curb tricks. With a skateboarding past following him into middle age, Sean immediately fell in love with Onewheel. After the shortest demo session ever recorded in modern history he knew he had to buy one immediately.

I first noticed Sean’s riding in the Onewheel Owners group on Facebook. He posted a video of himself crushing a parking block and doing some noseslides. (I thought to myself, damn he’s killing it! He’s definitely a skater) So I reached out to him and started getting to know him better and sure enough, I was right. He spent most of his youth skateboarding and later got into other hobbies like professional rock climbing trucks. Sean grew up in Saskatoon,Canada, but now lives in British Columbia with his wife and two sons. 

Sean and I have been friends now for about three years and we were roommates for FloatLife Fest 2. What I noticed about him right away is how much intensity he rides with. He doesn’t half ass it! Whenever Sean Nelson is riding Onewheel, you can be sure he’s putting in 100% of his energy into it. He is constantly working on landing new curb tricks and slides that take time to master with lots of practice. Anyone watching him ride Onewheel can immediately tell he has plenty of talent and he knows what he’s doing with the board. 



“The Bearings Guy”

Sean is also know as “the bearings guy” in the community. He has a great instructional and in-depth video on how to swap/repair Onewheel bearings. You can see that video below which was recorded by Bradley Micheal Spence from Shreddlabs and Boulder Denim.

A couple of things I think people don’t realize about Sean is how big he is. Sean is 44 years old and carries a solid frame, meaning when he falls during Onewheel practice he can fall hard. But luckily, he wears plenty of safety gear when riding. He always wears his helmet, which recently saved his life after a very hard spill he took last year. Wrist guards, elbow, and knee pads are also standard uniform for the experienced veteran. 

Sean has also been able to get his whole family involved with Onewheel. His wife and two sons now each have their own boards. When they take vacation trips, they all bring their Onewheels and ride together as a family. Sean is very proud his family shares the same passion for Onewheel as he does. He is a model example of what a Onewheel community member, rider, and father should be. Sean is a very giving person and is also part of the Stokelife Service Network, he is always willing to help out community members.

To hear the full interview with Sean Nelson, please click below on the SoundCloud link.

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Float Goat


Float Goat

In our latest interview, we had a chance to catch up with Ryan Sherwood who goes by the handle @ floatgoat on Instagram. He is quickly establishing himself as one of the most creative riders on Onewheel. At a quick glance from his videos on Instagram, you might think Ryan would be in his mid-twenties judging by the way he rides and looks. But actually, he is a dad of 3 and approaching his 40’s in two years! He is a registered nurse living in New Jersey with his family and his fifteen year old son is his cameraman. 

He played sports like soccer, baseball, hockey, swimming, and track growing up. Then in junior high school, Ryan got into surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. After testing a demo in his local surf shop he impulsively bought an XR and began sharing it with his kids. He told us in the beginning his kids were the ones using it more than he did. Despite not riding it much at first and almost on the verge of selling it he began using it more. 

Once starting to ride more and more he quickly got hooked! Today he has several boards which include a couple of XR’s, a pint, and a Mcnugget. Ryan typically rides with his fifteen year old son who doubles as his cameraman. His videos have also caught the attention of veteran riders in the community. With his creative lines, style, and great video edits he has quickly gained over 1300 followers on Instagram in a short period of time. 

Listen to the full interview below on SoundCloud

We look forward seeing what he has in store for us in the future and his next videos! You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the SoundCloud link below! We hope you enjoy and Stay.Pro Fam! 

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Onewheel Success

onewheel success

Bodhi Harrison

In our most recent blog post, Onewheel Success, we had the pleasure to interview one of Onewheel’s brightest stars, Bodhi Harrison. Born in Louisville, Colorado, he grew up playing golf, skateboarding, and snowboarding. He says his background and skill set in boardsports helped him crossover into Onewheel. Bodhi’s Onewheel success started back in 2017 after  winning the first ever FloatLife Fest in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Despite going up against other top male Onewheel athletes such as Jeff McCosker, Andrew Stroh, Chris Richardson, and many others, Bodhi has been able to rise above using his competitive fire and stylish riding. He’s worked with Future Motion and has been part of many marketing campaigns. Bodhi is also a part of The Float Life Pro Team and is now helping establish Flux Mmnvt, a brand which promotes the use of electric personal devices, e-sports, and will include a seasonal line of clothing merch.

Onewheel Success

To emphasize, Bodhi Harrison attributes a large part of his success to his faith in Jesus Christ and the strong upbringing his parents instilled in him growing up. He loves the color pink and is easily identifiable at competitions wearing pink googles, socks, or helmets. Some of his other passions include photography and stand up paddle. Currently, he is living in Sacremento, California and working as head of marketing for The Float Life. Bodhi can be found on social media from Instagram to YouTube, and has his own website Bodhi Harrison.

In addition, he is poised to win his fourth trick competition in a row this year at FloatLife Fest. Moreover, even with all his Onewheel success Bodhi is down to earth, easily approachable, and very giving. We want to thank him for his interview with Onewheel.Pro and look forward seeing what the future holds for him. Please click on the SoundCloud link below to hear the full interview.

Stay.Pro Fam! 

Photo Credits: Cory Boehne