The People's Champion

A short while back Onewheel.Pro had the special opportunity to interview Chris Unger. We have many reasons why we’re calling Chris the people’s champion. First of all, he’s one of the nicest and polite people anyone could ever meet. I had the good fortune of meeting Chris early on when I first became part of the Onewheel community and learned very quickly what a good person he is.

Chris is a co-admin of one of the largest Facebook Onewheel groups, the Onewheel Owners Group. But it’s in the style in which he helps moderate which is the special part. He is always willing to be helpful and welcoming to new members. Chris’s patience seems almost never-ending as he filters through post after post searching for ways to give new riders the best advice and making them feel welcomed to the community. 

As you can imagine, Chris is a pretty popular and well known member of the community. He’s in almost every global and local Onewheel group there is, so you know he’s gets around and has the pulse of the Onewheel community. If you get a chance and see him at a Onewheel event or happen to catch him online, go out of your way and introduce yourself. You’ll thank us later! 

"Can you share some of the challenges helping to run such a large group?"

Chris: Unfortunately, as a group grows larger some people will feel anonymous and shielded from behind the keyboard and act in a way that is not conducive to being supportive of other people. Often people will become argumentative and sometimes even more extreme, which poses challenges to promoting the stoke amongst the community.

Chris Unger
"Be a decent person. Remember that you started somewhere too. Let's help each other. Let's grow the community. Let's grow the sport and encourage everyone to get on a Onewheel"
Chris Unger
Onewheel Owners Group Co-Admin

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Final Thoughts

Chris’s contributions and dedication to the Onewheel community are invaluable. He continues being a pilar of stoke, promotes others, and leads our sport in a positive way! Thank you for all you do Chris, Stay.Pro Fam!  

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Chris Unger


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