Isaac Kosloskey - Float Life Pro Team

We recently had the opportunity to interview Isaac Kosloskey, one of the top Onewheel riders and a member of the Float Life Pro Team. He was born and lives in Montana with his family and siblings. We first met Isaac back at FloatLifeFest 2 in North Carolina, where his riding ability and skill set impressed the community veterans throughout the weekend. He has been riding for several years and consistently practices some of the hardest tricks on Onewheel.

Onewheel.Pro recently sat down with him for an interview to learn more about his Onewheel journey.

OWP: Your Instagram account shows you doing a lot of difficult tricks. How much time do you spend practicing?

Isaac: So, I actually don’t spend a whole lot of time riding because of my schedule and the summer is my busiest time. But when I do go out there and want to learn a new trick, I’ll either be out there until my board dies, I tweak an ankle, injure myself, or until I land it!

OWP: Do you think female Onewheel riders are increasing their visibility and creating leadership roles for other females in the community? 

Isaac: I definitely think they are. People like Racheal, Raequel, and Ally are pushing the sport and seeing them progress is really cool to watch. By being dedicated to the sport and pushing themselves they have definitely created leadership roles.

Please click on the Soundcloud link above to listen to the full interview. 

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Instructional Videos

Isaac is here to show you how to do the trick he invented called the Toe Spin or 360 Toe Spin to be exact. It’s a fun and somewhat simple one that’s really fun to do and throw down at group rides to get everyone stoked! 

(Video – Courtesy of TFL) 

OWP: What's the best advice you can give new riders?

"The biggest thing for new riders to do is...RESPECT THE BOARD!"
Isaac Kosloskey
Isaac Kosloskey
Float Life Pro Team Member
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