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Jeff McCosker

Team: The Float Life

Jeff McCosker

Jeff McCosker needs no introduction, but we’ll do it anyway! He has not only been one of the best riders in the world for several years now, but is also the founder of his company The Float Life. His athleticism, balance, and ability to create insane tricks has led him to the top of the Onewheel world. Jeff’s company has also become a leading vendor in the community with board modifications, parts, and apparel.

Float Supply Products

The after market accessory that started it all for him is a product called Float Plates. They are made in different colors and offer 3000 PSI of  protection for your board. With Float Plates, you can slide, grind, and do tricks on your Onewheel while not worrying about breaking your board. Float Plates are made in four versions for Onewheel, V1 / Plus, V3, XR, and Pint. In addition to Float Plates, there are other protective accessories the Float Supply offers such as Side Kicks, which offer protection for your boards rails. Moreover, they also come in a variety of colors to match your style and are proudly made in the USA.

Beyond protective accessories for Onewheel, Float Supply also sells apparel like hats, hoodies, shirts, jackets, and socks. They also sell equipment upgrades such as bearings, tires, grip tape, foot pads, stands, fenders and deletes along with a bunch of other types of swag. The Float Supply is located in Sacramento California and is known for great products, customer service, and fast shipping! 

Jeff McCosker and The Float Life Pro Team

He has recruited some of the best riders in the world for The Float Life Pro Team. For example, with team riders such as Bodhi, Raequel, WheelFunStuff, Dom, and Kyle Taylor they dominate most event competitions. They are amazing to watch and even harder to compete against. As much as with all the success he has gain, Jeff remains humble and continues giving back to the Onewheel community. You can learn more about Jeff’s story and The Float Life in our interview, click here to listen.

He lives in Sacramento California with his wife Raequel and their two dogs. When he’s not working or riding, you can find him hunting, skateboarding, and in the winter he loves snowboarding.



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