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Kyle Taylor is the West Coast Land Pirate

In our most recent interview we had the opportunity to speak with Kyle Taylor, part of The Float Life Team. We have had the pleasure to interview many exceptional people in the Onewheel community and this one is one of our favorites so far!

Kyle is 33 years old and lives in Vancouver Island. He grew up skateboarding as a kid hitting the skate park everyday and loves camping, so he thought the Onewheel would be a great toy to explore Vancouver’s trail systems with. His style is a mix of trail and street riding. He is known for his insane noseslides and carries a beard along with long dreadlocks which gives him his unique style.

One of the first questions I asked him was:


Kyle: Awe man, I was not good when I first hopped on one. It was Father’s day and I took my dad into Victoria because it was a “car-free day” where they blocked off the streets, no cars allowed. There was a booth with a couple of Onewheels and they were letting people try it.

My dad was responsible for getting me into skateboarding as a kid and actually was the one who pointed it out. He said you have to go try one of those!

So I said sure, I’ll hop on that for you. My mom actually took  a picture which is on my Instagram of me holding a guy’s hand with my knees shaking, and he’s telling me I’m a natural (laughing). But I was shaky at the start, I really was! 

Hear the full interview with the West Coast Land Pirate

"I was a late bloomer, it was a full year in before I started doing tricks. Take it slow and take it easy, I think thats good advice."
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor
TFL Team Rider
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