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Come check out and get to know the Onewheel community and discover group rides! Below are the largest and most organized groups on Facebook. Some of the groups are private and you will need to request permission to join. For some groups, you might even be asked to answer a question or two before being added to a private group. But with public groups you can join immediately.

The Onewheel community uses Facebook because it is the easiest way to get in touch with other riders quickly and organize group rides. There are many Onewheel groups across the United States, Canada, Europe, Austrailia, and South America. Each day a new Onewheel community is created somewhere on social media. The Facebook Onewheel groups below contain some of the most experienced riders and veterans in the community.

We also suggest using the Group Ride Guide at the bottom of the page to see what rides are happening. You can also add your group ride or event on the website!