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Onewheel repairs, maintenance, and modifications are part of being an owner and rider. Don’t want to send your board back to the factory? No stress, the ERide Repair Network has you covered! With multiple service centers across the Northern Hemisphere there is sure to be a qualified service center near you. Sending your Onewheel back to the factory can be time consuming, costly, and there is plenty of down time without your board. 

That is why some of the most experienced and veteran riders decided to team up and help the community. Thus, the ERide Repair Network was created. Factory repairs can take longer than expected, be more expensive, and result in more frustration than is needed. ERide Repair technicians are capable of several Onewheel repairs and modification upgrades. 

The easiest way to get in touch with the ERide Repair Network is by visiting their website. You can click here to access the network. We are confident you will have a positive experience with the ERide Repair Network and their technicians!

Front Bumper

Front Lights



Board Powers On


Serial Number



Hub Bolts

All Screws

Battery Health


Rear Bumper

Rear Lights

Overall Condition

Bearing Change

Bumper Install

Stripped Screw Repair (helicoil)

Stripped Screw Repair (Time-Sert)

Grip Tape Change

Tire Change

Front Pad Install

Rail Install

Fangs Install

Ranger Install

VnR Install

Armor-Dilloz Install

Badger Waterproofing Installation

Badger Bearing Seal

Bearing Grease Application

Plate Install

Fender Install

Have questions about Onewheel repair, maintenance, or modifications? The fastest way to get in touch with the ERide Repair Network is going to their website.

Hit up the ERide Repair Network 24.7.365. 

The ERide repair network technicians are online and ready to help you out with Onewheel repairs, maintenance, and modifications. 

***ERIDE Repair Network technicians are not affiliated, guaranteed, or endorsed by Future Motion / Onewheel…Please check factory terms and conditions first***