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Jeremy Gavin

In our most recent post, we highlight Jeremy Gavin. He is the founder of OWARMOR, an aftermarket vendor of Onewheel products. Furthermore, he is administrator of the largest Onewheel group on Facebook, the Onewheel Owners Group (OWOG). Jeremy has been a part of the community for over 3 years. He created the Onewheel Owners Group before deciding to launch OWARMOR and offer Onewheel products. OWARMOR has found success with one of the bestselling tail pads on the market, the Cobra pad. The Cobra pad changed Onewheel riding with its concave design. It gives riders a locked in and comfort feeling on their board which greatly improves the Onewheel riding experience.

OWARMOR also sells reflective night safety equipment stickers for Onewheel. They come in different colors and allow owners to customize their boards in a variety of ways. His latest product release is a multi-use fender called the Night Shark. It has a built-in handle to carry the Onewheel and has mounted flashlights on both sides of the fender. The Night Shark is the first fender in the market to include these options together in one product.

Additionally, Jeremy is also responsible for creating the Onewheel Owners Group on Facebook, known as OWOG. At first, the Onewheel community communicated through Future Motion’s forum on their website. Important to realize, it was really the only place available for Onewheel owners to discuss and get advice. Although the forum is useful, it is not ideal for posting pictures, videos, or has the popularity Facebook does. As a result, the online Onewheel community mostly uses Facebook and Instagram now.


Jeremy made the decision to start a Facebook group called the  Onewheel Owners Group. Although there was a Facebook group called Onewheel Riders there was not really much activity in that group. As Jeremy’s group grew, users from the Future Motion forum began to convert over to Facebook. As a result, this shift of users from FM’s forum over to Facebook really sparked the creation of the Onewheel community. Notably, it allowed for the growth of third-party vendors and new products for riders everywhere. Important to realize, many Onewheel owners were already visiting Facebook multiple times per day for other reasons.

These new vendors now had a very familiar place to market their products for Onewheel. As time went on and Jeremy’s group continued to grow, many members of his group had become online friends. All of them were from different parts of the country and members of OWOG when the first FloatLife Fest happened in 2017. By then other local Onewheel groups started to emerge and the community really started to grow out of OWOG. The rest is history and the Onewheel Owners Group is now the largest OW group with over 17,000 members and continues to grow daily. 

Thank you, Jeremy!

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