Racheal Diesel Cecil

Float queen

Float Queen Racheal Cecil

Float Queen Racheal “Diesel” Cecil is one of the top Onewheel riders in the world. She is the FloatLife Fest 2 street comp champion and current dual slalom race champion at FloatLife Fest 3. She is 23 years old and grew up in the Houston-Texas area. Recently, she graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and now works as a recruiter in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Onewheel.Pro recently had the chance to interview Racheal and her what it takes to train, win, overcome injury, and compete at the highest level. 

“What is the hardest trick you have learned so far and is there a trick you are trying to master now?”

Float queen

Racheal: I think the body varial drop, well… there’s hard technical and then there’s hard mental. The body varial drop was the most difficult for me mentally because it was a body varial variation which is how I hurt my ankle. So, I was really scared to do that one and I really didn’t feel confident doing it until Raequel McCosker was like “dude you got it go for it”!

Racheal: The most hard trick technically I think was the lemonade challenge. It’s when you stand on the rail, that one is hard! I did that one for the first time on the pint and it was so hard because the pint is so much smaller! But technically, I think that’s the hardest trick and also the body varial bonk is still something I am toying with the idea of getting down but it may not be worth it for me due to my previous injury.

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Float Queen

Photo and Video Credits: Cory Boehne, Racheal Cecil, and Rick and Morty Grip by: Float365.club