Land Surf

land surf

Land Surf

Onewheel.Pro interviews Matt Hoover, founder of Land Surf.

OWP: Tell the community where you are from and where you live now?

Matt: I was born in Sacramento, and grew up in Novato, Manteca, and Modesto, CA. From 1999 to about 2009 I lived in San Francisco. I now live in Marin, north of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco.

OWP: When did you first hear about Onewheel and how did you become involved with the sport?

Matt: I remember seeing an ad on the Internet while looking for an electric skateboard or EUC. I remember thinking the Onewheel had such an odd look to it and I never anticipated that it would function and ride like it does. The same way no one understands the magic feeling until that “ah-hah” moment when they first ride a Onewheel.

OWP: How many boards do you have and what type of setup do you have on them?

Matt: I have 5 full size boards and a Pint currently. Three XR’s and two Plusses. Of course, all are outfitted with Fangs 3, Platypus footpads front and rear, Platysense front sensor prototypes, and most also have a Contour fender because I hate rocks in my socks and shoes. Some have rail covers, some have Bone handles. I have tires like the FF Whisper, Burris Treaded 5.5 and 6, as well as some Hoosier slicks.  Next up for me are some CXBR battery upgrades.

OWP: Tell us about your company Land-Surf, how did you come up with it?

Matt: Shortly after getting my Onewheel I was headed up a steep hill going home, too confident, and leaning way out the front to push the nose down and climb the hill.  Next thing I know, I’m on the ground. My first nosedive happened so fast I didn’t have time to put my arm out. I wished that the nose could have just rolled a bit instead of stopping instantly.

So, when I got home I started thinking about the V1 version of Fangs. Once I showed some people prototypes (back in the day I was on the Onewheel site only, not Facebook), they seemed to like it and I was then making the V1 fangs with my 3d printers and some off-the-shelf wheels. “Land-Surf” was a name I chose early on because I thought later on in life I might like to make some aftermarket parts for e-skates and EUC’s.  So, to cover all of those non-Onewheel products, I chose that more general themed name instead of using “Onewheel” as part of it.

OWP: What is the difference between original fangs and Fangs 3.0?

Matt: There are so many differences that the only similarity is that both have wheels. The originals were 3D printed and strong, but some users were rougher than others and some breaks occurred. They were also very small wheels (about 15cm or less in diameter). They are what would now be known as “Fang Minis” V1. The wheels were off the shelf and very hard. Fangs 3 is the 6th generation of bumper wheels, if the Pint Fangs are counted.

The new Fangs 3.0 is a complete front bumper replacement and requires a big, expensive mold to produce. It has 6 CNC’d pieces of aluminum and steel to hold the wheels in. It comes in 8 colors and has specially designed wheels that come in 5 colors and are only a bit smaller than the skateboard wheels that are popular now on push skate decks. And those wheels are now further out from the centerline of the board, providing a wider stance and more stability. The axles are custom machined stainless steel 316 for a precise fit. And the overall shape of the bumper presents rounded edges and flowing lines to avoid having any part of it catch on the landscape you’re riding over.

land surf

OWP: Your Contour Fender is one of the sleekest looking in the market, with so many aftermarket competitors already producing fenders, what sets Land-Surf’s Contour Fender apart from the rest? 

Matt: Two things. One, it’s made of Dupont Zytel – a super tough nylon. To this day no Contour fenders have been cracked or broken. The material is just ridiculously tough.  And two, the shape of it is unique as it hugs the tire in a constant radius. It’s also just received a design patent award, a few weeks ago, after 18 months of being in the US Patent queue.

land surf

OWP: Your Platypus footpad is a new product you recently launched; can you tell the community about it?

Matt: The Platypus is a urethane footpad that has a W-shaped profile to it. I wanted to make something different than what was already available. The center hump was very comfortable to me, as I have flat feet – and many people like the feeling also, but it isn’t for everyone. Some don’t like the hump, and that’s okay. I prefer to have a bit of arch support, and it feels even better barefoot.

After making many high-backed versions on my 3d printers for friends in the community, I decided to make one that was less extreme in height. I wanted more leverage for trail riding, so I made the pad significantly wider, to the point that it overhangs the rails on each side by about 1/2”.  I was also tired of the stock footpads losing their brass inserts, or having them spin in place, so I made the inserts on the Platypus out of a thick piece of steel that can’t be pulled out of its spot no matter how hard you pull.

land surf

OWP: If you could create the next version of the XR, what improvements or design features would you change?

Matt: Oh, man! Big question. We’ve all seen many posts and responses to this. I think the top wishes for me are a more powerful motor, better range, lighter, and more water resistant. There are many places for improvement, but the current XR does so well.

Product Reviews

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Chris Unger

Chris Unger

The People's Champion

A short while back Onewheel.Pro had the special opportunity to interview Chris Unger. We have many reasons why we’re calling Chris the people’s champion. First of all, he’s one of the nicest and polite people anyone could ever meet. I had the good fortune of meeting Chris early on when I first became part of the Onewheel community and learned very quickly what a good person he is.

Chris is a co-admin of one of the largest Facebook Onewheel groups, the Onewheel Owners Group. But it’s in the style in which he helps moderate which is the special part. He is always willing to be helpful and welcoming to new members. Chris’s patience seems almost never-ending as he filters through post after post searching for ways to give new riders the best advice and making them feel welcomed to the community. 

As you can imagine, Chris is a pretty popular and well known member of the community. He’s in almost every global and local Onewheel group there is, so you know he’s gets around and has the pulse of the Onewheel community. If you get a chance and see him at a Onewheel event or happen to catch him online, go out of your way and introduce yourself. You’ll thank us later! 

"Can you share some of the challenges helping to run such a large group?"

Chris: Unfortunately, as a group grows larger some people will feel anonymous and shielded from behind the keyboard and act in a way that is not conducive to being supportive of other people. Often people will become argumentative and sometimes even more extreme, which poses challenges to promoting the stoke amongst the community.

Chris Unger
"Be a decent person. Remember that you started somewhere too. Let's help each other. Let's grow the community. Let's grow the sport and encourage everyone to get on a Onewheel"
Chris Unger
Onewheel Owners Group Co-Admin

Full interview

Final Thoughts

Chris’s contributions and dedication to the Onewheel community are invaluable. He continues being a pilar of stoke, promotes others, and leads our sport in a positive way! Thank you for all you do Chris, Stay.Pro Fam!  

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Chris Unger


Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Photo Credit: Adam Hilliker

Kyle Taylor is the West Coast Land Pirate

In our most recent interview we had the opportunity to speak with Kyle Taylor, part of The Float Life Team. We have had the pleasure to interview many exceptional people in the Onewheel community and this one is one of our favorites so far!

Kyle is 33 years old and lives in Vancouver Island. He grew up skateboarding as a kid hitting the skate park everyday and loves camping, so he thought the Onewheel would be a great toy to explore Vancouver’s trail systems with. His style is a mix of trail and street riding. He is known for his insane noseslides and carries a beard along with long dreadlocks which gives him his unique style.

One of the first questions I asked him was:


Kyle: Awe man, I was not good when I first hopped on one. It was Father’s day and I took my dad into Victoria because it was a “car-free day” where they blocked off the streets, no cars allowed. There was a booth with a couple of Onewheels and they were letting people try it.

My dad was responsible for getting me into skateboarding as a kid and actually was the one who pointed it out. He said you have to go try one of those!

So I said sure, I’ll hop on that for you. My mom actually took  a picture which is on my Instagram of me holding a guy’s hand with my knees shaking, and he’s telling me I’m a natural (laughing). But I was shaky at the start, I really was! 

Hear the full interview with the West Coast Land Pirate

"I was a late bloomer, it was a full year in before I started doing tricks. Take it slow and take it easy, I think thats good advice."
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor
TFL Team Rider
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Swerv Clothing

swerv clothing

Swerv Clothing & Ky Miller

Swag Review

OWP: Ky tell us where you live, how old you are, and about your family.

Ky: I am from the grand state of Ohio. Currently residing in Bellevue, just 15 minutes away from Lake Erie. I’m 39 years of age. I live with my wonderful girlfriend, Haylie, and our three kids, Gavin, Finley, and Adeline.


OWP: What sort of activities were you into growing up?

Ky: As a kid I skateboarded and snowboarded most of my time. I also played a lot of video games, made art, hung in the woods. I have to say I miss those days of being out until well after the sun went down sometimes riding 8-10 hours a day. 

OWP: When did you first hear about Onewheel, and how did you start riding?

Ky: I started seeing Onewheels pop up on YouTube and random videos. A few creators that I followed had them. Every time I researched them I had an inner voice saying it’s too expensive. You should spend your money on other things besides yourself. Eventually that happened to be the exact reason I ordered one. I was going through a divorce and needed to up my stoke levels. One night I finally got the nerve to order it and haven’t looked back since!

OWP: You first called the onewheel community’s attention with your amazing sketches and artwork, tell us a bit about your passion for art and how that lead into your career as a tattoo artist.

Ky: Art has always been my passion and when I started riding I was obsessed with my wheel. I put a couple phone wallpapers up in the forums and people reacted positively. I wanted to do more and build the sport and saw apparel was a good way to share my art and help others express themselves. Eventually that lead to me building my company Swerv Clothing. Working as a tattoo artist there are a lot of ideas I love designing but didn’t lend themselves to tattoos. So I branched out. I still tattoo 6 days a week, when I’m not riding or designing clothing.

OWP: How has the last year and a half with a pandemic affected your business?

Ky: It’s been up and down. I’ve started recently running into garment shortages which have held up some of my plans and projects. Everything seems to have been short handed due to the butterfly effects of Covid. My tattooing business has been jam packed because we’ve never been able to catch up since the 3 months we were not allowed to work according to state guidelines. 

OWP: As the economy continues to open up have you noticed a rebound in business?

Ky: Yes. As I mentioned we have not been able to catch up so therefore we keep booking further out which is great for tattooing but also overwhelming because we are booked so far in advance it’s hard to make plans last minute or take a weekend to go do things with the family. The clothing is doing great and it’s on the up rise from the dip that we had due to the pandemic.

OWP: What was the first community event you attended? Can you tell us a little bit about that experience and how it changed your experience as a Onewheel owner.

Ky: My first Onewheel event that I attended was in fact FLF3. I had never gotten to ride with anyone let alone a group or an entire mob. I was overwhelmed with excitement when I first arrived and couldn’t wait to tell everyone back home about how many Onewheels and people attended the festival. It was mind blowing!

OWP: Tell us about Swerv Clothing and your plans for its future.

Ky: I am trying to acquire the machining needed to do production on site. I would like to move into a larger space so that we have more room for growth. We have more plans than time it seems most days. Tons of new designs in the works as well as hopes to offer other items than just apparel. 

Swerv Clothing

Design Appeal 100%

OWP: With regards to your artwork for the Onewheel community, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Ky: My inspiration comes from everything within the community as well as movies, pop-culture, video games, etc. We try to stand out and be unique and offer designs that are creative and well thought out.

OWP: What sort of terrain do you enjoy riding the most, and will you be attending this year FloatLife Fest 4?

Ky: Yes you will see me out at FLF4! I’ve been called a pavement Princess on more than one occasion… But I also absolutely love trails. The older I get the harder I fall.

OWP: Do your children ride one wheel?

Ky: My children do ride but not as much as we do. They tend to like to hop on a bicycle or a hover board when I go ride. If they weren’t as busy with sports I think they would put more time in on the onewheel.

OWP: What sort of improvements would you like to see made on the next version of one wheel?

Ky: As far as improvements to the board I think it would be cool to have some sort of an improved factory lighting system as either a standard option or an add-on that would improve vision for both the rider as well as traffic/pedestrians. I would also like some sort of a diagnostics display built into the vehicle. 

OWP: Ky, thank you for giving the Onewheel community a chance to learn more about you and Swerv Clothing! We truly appreciate all you do and love your work! Any final comments or thoughts?

Ky: Thank you for reaching out and showing interest. Means a lot to be included in this community and to help build it up and as always bring the stoke levels to max. Much love to everyone, ride safe and keep smiling.

Love ya Faaaaaaammmm!!!


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Isaac Kosloskey

Isaac Kosloskey

Isaac Kosloskey - Float Life Pro Team

We recently had the opportunity to interview Isaac Kosloskey, one of the top Onewheel riders and a member of the Float Life Pro Team. He was born and lives in Montana with his family and siblings. We first met Isaac back at FloatLifeFest 2 in North Carolina, where his riding ability and skill set impressed the community veterans throughout the weekend. He has been riding for several years and consistently practices some of the hardest tricks on Onewheel.

Onewheel.Pro recently sat down with him for an interview to learn more about his Onewheel journey.

OWP: Your Instagram account shows you doing a lot of difficult tricks. How much time do you spend practicing?

Isaac: So, I actually don’t spend a whole lot of time riding because of my schedule and the summer is my busiest time. But when I do go out there and want to learn a new trick, I’ll either be out there until my board dies, I tweak an ankle, injure myself, or until I land it!

OWP: Do you think female Onewheel riders are increasing their visibility and creating leadership roles for other females in the community? 

Isaac: I definitely think they are. People like Racheal, Raequel, and Ally are pushing the sport and seeing them progress is really cool to watch. By being dedicated to the sport and pushing themselves they have definitely created leadership roles.

Please click on the Soundcloud link above to listen to the full interview. 

Follow Isaac Kosloskey on Social Media

Instructional Videos

Isaac is here to show you how to do the trick he invented called the Toe Spin or 360 Toe Spin to be exact. It’s a fun and somewhat simple one that’s really fun to do and throw down at group rides to get everyone stoked! 

(Video – Courtesy of TFL) 

OWP: What's the best advice you can give new riders?

"The biggest thing for new riders to do is...RESPECT THE BOARD!"
Isaac Kosloskey
Isaac Kosloskey
Float Life Pro Team Member
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Amanda Thompson

Amanda Thompson

Float Queen Amanda Thompson

Float Queen Amanda Thompson, aka, 1Woman1Wheel has become one of the most visible female onewheel riders in the community. She recently escaped the cold weather where she lives and decided to pay the South Florida Onewheel community a visit.

Amanda is from Boston and still lives there.  She is an administrator along with several others for the Boston Onewheel group on Facebook. While visiting Miami, she was able to make several groups rides with the locals community riders and enjoyed some of Florida sunshine during this winter.

Onewheel.Pro recently had the opportunity to interview her during her visit and get further insight into her experiences riding Onewheel. 

Amanda Thompson

“Do not start adding a whole bunch of mods to your board until you have learned how your board works”


Amanda Thompson

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Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson
Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

Onewheel Veteran Chris Richardson

We wanted to start 2021 on the right foot and get one of the biggest names in the community to share his experience. Onewheel veteran Chris Richardson has been riding for over four years and is one of the best riders out there. His riding style is very technical and he is always willing to take time to help teach others.

Onewheel.Pro recently sat down with him for an interview so the community could learn from his experience.

OWP: Chris, describe your style of riding and the types of tricks you like to do.

Chris: I like off road trails, but most of what I do is trick riding. I really enjoy the mental and physical challenge of figuring out ways to make the board do things that are fun.

We recently interviewed Onewheel veteran Chris Richardson after his shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago. Please click on the Soundcloud link above to listen to the full interview. 

Instructional Videos

One of the things Chris started doing a couple of years ago was he started putting out instructional videos. He began creating videos to help new riders learn the in’s and out’s of riding safely. Not only does he make instructional videos for beginners, but he also creates advanced content for riders wanting to learn more advanced tricks.

Chris also started highlighting and talking about aftermarket modifications for Onewheel by the vendors in the community. This has led him to be able to gain sponsors and create more content for his followers on YouTube and Instagram. 

Follow Chris Richardson on Social Media

OWP: How do you see the sport of Onewheel evolving in the years to come?

"I think we're going to see people go higher and farther in their jumps & bonks"
Chris Richardson
Veteran Onewheel Rider
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Jaime Juchter

Jamie Juchter
Jaime Juchter

Jaime Juchter is a Onewheel Jungle Speed Demon!

I recently had the chance to sit down with an interview Jaime Juchter. On Instagram his handle is Onewheel Jungle. Jaime is the 2019 Race for the Rail Clydesdale Champion. This year he was choosen as a wildcard for 2020 Race for the Rail in Utah. Jaime’s videos are full of amazing trail riding, great video content, and fast speed. He likes to film himself, friends, and his fellow Flux Mvmnt crew around Los Angeles every week.

 OWP: Congratulations on as a wildcard for RFTR 2020 Jaime! This year’s lineup for RFTR 2020 was one of the deepest fields we have seen with very experienced riders. Can you tell us what those trails were like and the challenges it posed to the riders?

Jaime: Thank you! Bruh, those trails were chunky and steep!  In the first challenge when they dropped us at the top and we rode to the bottom was definitely the most difficult. There were moments where we had to navigate sliding down rocks. Having teams were great and the challenges were fun, Future Motion did a good job. It may have not looked like gnarly terrain on the screen, but it was definitely challenging! It was no walk in the park… (laughing) 

OWP: What was your mindset going into round 2? You had to face Dave and Bodhi, can you walk us through the race and what that was like?

2020 Race for The Rail

Jaime: Go fast and don’t fall!  It took me a second or two longer then the boys to switch from snowboard stance to forward. This is why I started in the back each time.
The first section was rocky and had a few whoops and you had to go fast out of the gate. Next, there was a sharp left turn you had to slow down for. Afterwards, the trail immediately went down into even a gnarlier rock section. 
Many of the riders crashed there. Then after that, the trail was fire road but only one line on the right that you had to take to keep your speed up. If you went to the left the chunky rock it would have slowed you down. 
After that, there was a flat smooth section where you had to put the peddle to the metal. Although, that then sent you into even more rocks where many people ate it.
Then you had to slow for the Bermuda triangle. After that, it was an S curve then Squirrel Pig Straights. That’s where all the passing took place. Then you head downhill into the sharp right turn.
If you messed up there you were out so that’s why everyone took their time on that one. Then the single track with the grass. You couldn’t see it but there was 1 to a 2-inch lip on each side of that single track.
It was the best place to be to keep up speed but could be dangerous as it took out Bodhi and few others. The grass was not exactly smooth but you could work through it then we all know pavement.
All I knew was I had to give it my all and I did. Those guys are fast af!
"The onewheel loving family is what the Esk8 and EUC community calls us. That rings true and always will in the future :)"
Jaime Juchter aka OnewheelJungle
2019 RFTR Clydesdale Champion
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Onewheel Race for the Rail Defending Champions

Race for The Rail

Onewheel's Race For The Rail Utah 2020

Onewheel’s Race for the Rail 2020 is going down this weekend in a secret location in Utah! Twelve of the best Onewheel riders in the world will go up against each other to claim this year’s trophy. Last year’s defending champions, Dominique Williams, Angel Cooper, and Jamie Juchter will have their hands full staving off the competition.

Certainly Bodhi Harrison, Jeff and Raequel McCosker, “Tahoe” Dave Stewart, Amanda Thompson, Zoe Thomas, Brenden Schurmeier, Wren Weichman and Orie Rush will give the defending champions a run for their money this weekend.

Also, because of COVID-19 this year’s competition will be have no live audience besides the participants and production crew. In addition, the format will also be different with both men and women racing all together battling one another. To clairify again, the race will be in a secret location in the mountains of Utah. But don’t sweat it, the race will be live streamed on YouTube by Onewheel August 16th and continuous content starting Thursay August 14!


The 12 athletes have been broken up into 2 different teams (AWESOME IDEA)! Both teams will go up against one another in three different challenges. 

Team Delirium

Team Skyline

Team Delirium
Team Skyline
  • Raquel McCosker

  • Jeff McCosker

  • Dom Williams

  • Zoe Thomas

  • Brenden Schurmeier

  • Jamie Jucther

  • Amanda Thompson

  • Bodhi Harrison

  • Orie Rush

  • Angel Cooper

  • Wren Weichman

  • Dave Stewart

Race for the rail

Final Race Sunday August 16 at 2:00 PM PDT

For more information on the race please click on Onewheel’s official page!


onewheel race for the rail

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Photo Credits: Cory Boehne & Angel Cooper

Bobs Stoke Shop

bobs stoke shop

Bobs Stoke Shop

Onewheel.Pro Repair Review

OWP: How long have you been involved in the Onewheel community?

Bob: Quite a while. I preordered 2 Plus’s back in December of 2016, it feels so long ago (Haha).

OWP: Where are you from and where do you live?

Bob: I’m originally from Chicago IL, but now I live in Novato, CA with my family.

OWP: Do you have kids?

Bob: Yes I do, 3 of them. 8-13-17, girl-boy-girl

OWP: Do they Onewheel? 

Bob: The two youngest onewheel with me regularly, and the oldest used to but now mainly when we go camping.

OWP: What sort of protective gear do you have them use when riding?

Bob: They always wear a helmet at the very least. My son usually wears a helmet and 1protect gloves and my daughter wears full gear with 1protect as well.

OWP: What do you do for a living?

Bob: I’m a General Contractor 4 days out of the week and run Bob’s Stoke Shop the rest of the weekend. I am also one of the owners of Stoke Life LLC, along with Cauri Jaye, and Jon Stock. Together, we run the Stoke life service repair network.

OWP: You are a handy guy being a general contractor. Is that the reason you decided to start Bobs Stoke Shop?

Bob: Yes, kind of. That and the fact I have always had 4-6 boards in my household. I saw the need to help people with installs, mods, and repairs locally. It just sort of grew into a bit more and me having a repair shop.

OWP: How long have you been repairing and modifying boards?

Bob: I formed Bobs Stoke Shop officially last August 2019. But I have been doing repairs and tire swaps for about a year before that.

OWP: What is the most common repair or modification you do?

Bob: It would have to be a tire change. I carry all aftermarket tires and have the largest collection of new and used Vegas on the West Coast (LMAO)!!

OWP: What is the hardest repair you have had to do yet?

Bob: A guys board ghosted into the ocean and got submerged for about 30 seconds. He shipped the board to me. I then opened up everything in order to dry everything out. Even the motor inside smelled like ocean!

The circuit boards were all corroded on the components and a few ports also needed to be replaced on the controller. The BMS needed a good cleaning as well and the battery was shot as well. I replaced it from some inventory stock I had and after all that effort, I finally managed to get it working perfectly!

Bobs Stoke Shop

Onewheel Tech
Repair Skills 100%

OWP: Bobs Stoke Shop is part of the Stoke Life Service Center network. Can you tell us more about that relationship and how it benefits Onewheel owners?

Bob: Yes, as described above I’m one of the owners now as well.  We service all onewheel models and even have advanced technicians working together for the most difficult repairs.

Currently, we have approximately 40 onewheel repair shops all over the world. I’m also in the process of vetting another 40 applicants. I have a fairly busy life and doing my best to fit it all in while helping everyone as best I can.

Sometimes a little patience can be helpful from applicants. We can also source parts for people as needed. A few of the other busy shops like myself, ØWMøbShop in CO, and Onestop Board shop in NJ often purchase used boards regularly. This allow us to better serve the community and other members of the Stoke Life Service network. Its all for the love of the community!

OWP: How many types of Onewheel boards are there at home?

Bob: I own 3 XR’s. One- 4206 frontier board and two-4209 boards that are all fully decked out in 3rd party accessories. I love to support the 3rd party vendors!

OWP: What is your favorite type of riding, trail, or street?

Bob: I love to ride rocky super technical trails. Most people hate them but I cant get enough.

OWP: Do you have a tire preference for trail and street?

Bob: Trails of course!! Always riding Dirty 😉

Community Help

OWP: You attended FloatLife Fest the past 2 years and helped with the build out process. Can you tell us more about that?

Bob: Sure! My friend Paul and I are both General contractors. So, I brought him out to FLF 2 with me! When we saw the set up for the trick comp and how it was being built, we jumped right in to make it strong and safe for all the competitors. We didn’t want to see anyone getting hurt.

So, for FLF 3 I told Justyn we would handle the whole course for the trick comp and just handle the prep for theest of the festival and we got this! We built with the same recycled materials from FLF 2 and we also helped build all the fresh park ramps Justyn bought.

We had huge plans for FLF4! I was going to get a ton of materials and build new features to keep it fresh and give some new challenges to our best riders. Unfortunately, we just found out it is being postponed (Boooo)! But, when FLF 4 does happen next it is will be the best one yet!

Onewheel Modifications

OWP: Your Hyper Charger for the XR has been a hit in the community, do you have any plans constructing any other equipment you could sell to the Onewheel community?

Bob: Yes, I have quite a few things up my sleeve. My Website is coming soon, but most of the things I cannot talk about yet. But just to let you know, I stock all the male + female ports and plugs on the board. I also stock the charging port, including 5 different color power buttons, and the most common internal parts that fail on the controller and BMS. There is almost no wait to get people repaired and back on the trails quickly.

Just know my goal is to help and solve problems of board failures from the hardest riders in our community. I want to make these XR’s as bulletproof as possible.

onewheel repairs
Bob Nicholson

OWP: What is the best way for customers to get in touch with you?

Bob: I have a FB page people can make appts on and I also have an IG page @bobs_stoke_shop The website at will take over soon and that will be only place to make appointments for service.

OWP: If you could choose, what improvements would you make to the next version of Onewheel XR?

Bob: Oh man, where do I start (Hahaa)? I would start by flipping the control board over in the controller like they did in the pint to keep the components from being torn out of the controller. I would also use thicker wiring in the battery harness like they did in the V1. In addition, I would add a touch better quality control before leaving the factory, and give the board an IP rating so people don’t have to stress over riding near water.

OWP: Bob, thank you for all your contributions to the community and helping others! You rock my dude! Also, big-ups for taking the time to sit down with us and spread the stoke. We had a blast learning more about you and our Onewheel community!

Bob: Thanks for thinking of me to do an interview, I truly appreciate it.

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