Bodhi Harrison

In our most recent blog post, Onewheel Success, we had the pleasure to interview one of Onewheel’s brightest stars, Bodhi Harrison. Born in Louisville, Colorado, he grew up playing golf, skateboarding, and snowboarding. He says his background and skill set in boardsports helped him crossover into Onewheel. Bodhi’s Onewheel success started back in 2017 after  winning the first ever FloatLife Fest in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Despite going up against other top male Onewheel athletes such as Jeff McCosker, Andrew Stroh, Chris Richardson, and many others, Bodhi has been able to rise above using his competitive fire and stylish riding. He’s worked with Future Motion and has been part of many marketing campaigns. Bodhi is also a part of The Float Life Pro Team and is now helping establish Flux Mmnvt, a brand which promotes the use of electric personal devices, e-sports, and will include a seasonal line of clothing merch.

Onewheel Success

To emphasize, Bodhi Harrison attributes a large part of his success to his faith in Jesus Christ and the strong upbringing his parents instilled in him growing up. He loves the color pink and is easily identifiable at competitions wearing pink googles, socks, or helmets. Some of his other passions include photography and stand up paddle. Currently, he is living in Sacremento, California and working as head of marketing for The Float Life. Bodhi can be found on social media from Instagram to YouTube, and has his own website Bodhi Harrison.

In addition, he is poised to win his fourth trick competition in a row this year at FloatLife Fest. Moreover, even with all his Onewheel success Bodhi is down to earth, easily approachable, and very giving. We want to thank him for his interview with Onewheel.Pro and look forward seeing what the future holds for him. Please click on the SoundCloud link below to hear the full interview.

Stay.Pro Fam! 

Photo Credits: Cory Boehne

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